Meet Sandy

Hi, I’m Sandy Rees. I’m a fundraising coach and consultant, and my passion is showing small nonprofit organizations how to raise more money, strengthen their Boards, and build relationships with donors. I’m also a mentor and coach to other nonprofit consultants who want to learn to build a business using passive and leveraged income.

I’ve built my business to create the lifestyle I want, including free time, travel, and working with only the clients I want. I’ve invested heavily in myself over the past few years, studying with Fabienne Fredrickson, Suzanne Evans, Alicia Forest, Ali Brown, and many more heart-centered business teachers. It wasn’t always easy to take what they were teaching and apply it to the nonprofit world, but I’ve done it successfully.

I’ve written multiple books and learning products that I sell at These products have created a significant revenue stream for me and have been the stepping stone to many wonderful clients and opportunities. I always knew I had a book in me, and the first one was a bit difficult to bring to life.  After that, it got mych easier.  And once I learned how to create a book or product for a hungry tribe, selling it was easy!

I’m an accomplished presenter and an AFP Master Trainer. I’ve led fundraising seminars for local, regional, national, and international audiences. I’ve been invited to speak at amazing venues in fun locations like New Zealand, Russia, and Jamaica.

I don’t believe in competition, so I’ve decided to share what I know with other coaches and consultants to nonprofits. I believe in being transparent, which means I’m happy to tell you exactly what I’m doing, results I’m getting, and how I’m doing it. I believe in not only telling you what you need to do, but sharing how I’ve done it successfully.

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