It’s All in Your Head – What Impacts Your Success the Most

“Oh that’s so expensive!”

I’ve said it myself about things in the past and I’ve heard others say it about my programs. It comes from a money mindset born of lack and fear. And it doesn’t serve anyone to think this way.

Mindset is an important part of who we are. It’s how we see the world, and it’s a combination of our outlook, our emotional baggage, and our life experiences. When it comes to money, it’s largely shaped by what we heard from parents and authority figures when we were small.

For example, you may have heard “Money doesn’t grow on trees” when you were young and your mind may have interpreted that to mean “There’s not enough money – make do with the little bit you have.” Now you operate with that belief in your mind, and it’s no surprise that you aren’t sure you can ever earn enough. You may be aware it’s there or it may sit in your subconscious, quietly trying to protect you, because that’s what beliefs do.

Here’s what’s really going on inside: When we have a belief deep down that there’s not enough money to go around or that we can’t earn all the money we want, it leaves us feeling scared about money.  We’re afraid to spend a lot of money on something because we might not have enough to pay for other things. We want everything for the least amount possible. Frankly, we’re cheap.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to get the best value you can for your money. I do it all the time. The difference is whether or not it’s rooted in fear, which impacts how you feel about it. Sometimes when I’m thinking about doing a VIP Day with a coach or spending several thousand dollars on a coaching program, I get scared. That emotion alone clues me in to what’s going on inside my head, and I can then do something about it.

Here’s the bottom line: you can’t grow a successful, profitable business with a cheap mindset. It just won’t happen.  Think about it: how do you expect clients to sign up for big ticket services with you if you aren’t willing to do the same? They won’t spend more on you than you’re willing to spend on you.

You may want to spend some quiet time reflecting on your beliefs around money, and see what’s there. After all, the first step to changing a belief is to recognize it’s there.

Your money mindset plays a HUGE part in your success as an entrepreneur. If you don’t see yourself making a lot of money, you never will.

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