Play to your strengths

It’s so common.

We get an idea in our head of something we’d like to do, like start a business.  Then we look around to see how others are doing it. And for some reason, we think we have to do it the same way they do.

Here’s the truth: you can build your business however you like. It doesn’t have to be like someone else’s. It can fit you and your goals.

What do I mean?          

The old model of building a business is to go out and market, get clients, serve clients, wrap up projects, and repeat.  The new model of business is that you can do whatever works for you and makes you money. (I like this much better!)

In my world, we do some work with clients, but those sales account for less than half of our overall business. The rest comes from group programs, webinars, and product sales.

The bottom line is this: you don’t have to build your business like anyone else.

So, ask yourself “What am I really good at? What do I love doing?” The answers will help you figure out how to build your business. Make sure the thing you pick is something that will be fun.  If it’s not, you’ll be miserable.

I’m really good at teaching, so I lead a lot of workshops. I love giving people practical ideas they can use right away.  I love seeing them ‘get it.’ It makes my heart sing!

Once you pick the area you’re really good at, make a list of 5 ways you could use it to market and 5 ways you could make money doing it. For example, if you love to write and you’re good at it, you could write a blog, write guest blog posts for others, and write articles for magazines to market your business. Then you could write and sell a book, an ebook, or an ecourse to make money.  The possibilities are endless.

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